Prompt · Short

The Princess

She paused with the needle poised over her cross stitch when a hand reached up and gripped the tower window. They pulled themselves up, half their body into the window.

How on Earth did they climb up in fully amour? She mused..

The armour was covered in dents and, judging from the trail of smoke, was slightly smoking. The helmet was battered in that she doubted he’ll ever be able to remove it.

He panted between each word, “My…Princess…I have…come…rescue you!” he declared.

She tucked the needle into her aida and placed on the side table beside, and then stood and swept  across the stone floor to the window. She yanked the lid of the helmet up, the men let out a squeal as it took some skin with it, to reveal green eyes.

She placed her hands on her hips, “You did well to get past the defenses.”

The man squinted as sweat dripped into his eyes, “Thank you, Princess.”

They stared at each other for a long moment. Finally, she asked, “How did you get past the spikes?”

“I was in the circus, Princess. Used to practice with wooden planks tied round my arms and legs.”

“And the fire?” she asked.

“I’m part Orc. Not as much fire immunity a full blooded one, but it gets me by.”

“And the dragon?”

“Uh, I didn’t see a dragon?”

She sighed, putting her hand over her face, “That bloody dragon. I bet it’s napping on the castle roof. Again.

“Well, thank you for your input, it’s much appreciated,” she says, then pulled on a rope hanging beside the window.

The stone flipped outwards, throwing off the knights grip. His screams echoed as fell. She lets go of the rope with a sigh. The stone window slotted back into place.


Clarissa, her maid, popped her head through the door, “Yeah?”

“We’re going to have to revise the tower defenses. Another bloody knight got up, wanting to rescue me. Honestly, I swear one of the criteria’s of becoming a knight is being an idiot.

She flung herself into her chair, “As if I need rescuing from being royalty!”

“Am I not allowed to have some peace and quiet?” she demanded, throwing her hands into the air, “Are you listening?”

“Peace and quiet. Knights are idiots. Blah, blah,” Clarissa said.

She nodded, “Exactly.”

“I think I’m going to add some sentient, killer plant life. I wanted to avoid, seeing as I can’t even keep weeds alive,” she sighed, “We’ll just have to employ another gardener. The last one fell into the pit, though I’m convinced the dragon had him for a snack.”

“Alrighty, do you want some tea while you work, your majesty?” Clarissa asked.

“That would be lovely, thank you. And someone wake up the bloody dragon!” she called.

“Always on my one day off,” she grumbled, picking up her cross stitch. The pool of blood was coming along nicely. She’d been right to use different shades of red thread. More work, but the end result was worth it.

Outside the tower, the dragon roared, a burst of flame past by her window, quickly followed by a scream. She picked up two shades of red.
“Now, which one should I use next?”


Notes: I noted down an idea that was basically, A princess who doesn’t want to be rescued and go off on some random adventure. Just chilling in a tower sounds awesome to me.

I might expand on this idea at some point. I have a few other ideas that’d mix well with it.

As always, critique is welcome and appreciated.


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